Monday, 18 July 2011

The Old Links to Westlaw International Will Be Removed at the End of July 2011-- Please Access Westlaw from Westlaw HK!

Westlaw has released their new interface which provides enhanced searchability  and added features such as Hong Kong  case digests (case summaries) and a case analysis service for HK cases which replaces their 'Keycite' system. The old Westlaw links ('Westlaw International' and 'Hong Kong Current Awareness') have been alongside the new links called 'Westlaw HK' and 'Westlaw HK. Current Awareness' at the law library databases page for several months. The old links will be removed at the end of July 2011.  All current materials can be accessed via the new links 'Westlaw HK' and 'Westlaw HK. Current Awareness'.