Friday, 30 May 2014

International Privacy Law Library (WorldLII)

The WorldLII’s International Privacy Law Library has recently added the following databases to its webpage.
Case Law
·         Mauritius Data Protection Office 2011- (WorldLII)
·         United States Federal Trade Commission Privacy Case Summaries (WorldLII) - updated  (WorldLII)
Treaties and International Agreement

The International Privacy Law Library aims to make searchable from one location all of the databases on Privacy law on any of the Legal Information Institutes (LIIs). It contains 21 databases on Case Law, including about 3,600 decisions of 13 privacy and data protection authorities from Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Mauritius, the United States and the European Union, plus many hundreds of decisions by appeal tribunals and courts. It also contains 7 databases on Law Journals and Commentary, 1 database on Law Reform Publications, 1 database on Legislation and 2 databases on Treaties and International Agreement.

Friday, 23 May 2014

China Academic Journals Full-text Database (China Journal Net)(中國期刊全文數據庫)Database Guide Update

China Academic Journals Full-text Database (China Journal Net) a database of multi-disciplinary full-text journals published in China from 1994 to the present (some publications start from 1915). It includes law, science, medicine, social science and humanities, etc. It is a database that is useful for finding materials on PRC law.

China Academic Journals Full-text Database (China Journal Net) has provided the English search interface in addition to the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese search interfaces.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Judicial Opinions of China 中國裁判文書網

The Lee Quo Wei Law Library has added the following resource to the People's Republic of China webpage under the Selected Internet Resources.

This website contains selected PRC judgments from the Supreme People's Court and local courts since 2013. Selected judgments can be searched by keywords or case number or can be browsed by different regions or different subject areas such as civil cases, criminal cases, administrative cases, intellectual property, etc. This website is developed by the Supreme People's Court. In Chinese.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Subject Guides to Resources for Summer Term 2013/14

The Lee Quo Wei Law Library has uploaded the "subject guides to resources" for Summer Term 2013/14 on its website. These guides include major resources, textbooks, law reports, journals etc., on these subjects to assist your legal research for these. The print copies are available at the Legal Resources Centre. You can access the soft copy under Subject Guides - 2013/14 Term S of the Law Library webpage. Please find attached the links to the guides here for your easy access.

Friday, 2 May 2014

TradeLawGuide Updates

TradeLawGuide is a research database on WTO law and jurisprudence.

TradeLawGuide has added a new search function, the site-wide search of TradeLawGuide ‘s research tools, jurisprudence, agreements and instruments. This new search function is helpful when terms appear in different type of materials.

TradeLawGuide has also added new annotated agreements such as Customs Valuation Agreement, Import Licensing Agreement, Agreement on Preshipment Inspection, Agreement on Rules of Origin and TRIMS Agreement.

You can access TradeLawGuide at the Database List:

The new search function, the site-wide search, appears on the home page of TradeLawGuide