Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Law - Practical Skills Guide on the Lee Quo Wei Law Library

To provide our law students with self-help resources for developing lawyering skills, the Law Library has created a Practical Skills Guide on Law Library Guides section of the Lee Quo Wei Law Library’s website.

The Guide is divided into six skills that are important in the practice of law: Client interviewing, negotiation, Presentation / Persuasion , Leadership, Social Networking / Marketing, and Emotional Intelligence, and a section focusing on law school success. Students can find a wide variety of resources including popular monographs, ebooks, free online videos, and websites that are written / produced by trusted law-related organizations, law professors or attorneys in practice.

To visit our Practical Skills Guides: please go to:

Law-Practical Skills Guide on Law Library Guides

Law - Practical Skills Guides

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Revised Lexis HK ebook Guide

A newly revised Lexis HK ebook guide can be found on our CUHK’s Lee Quo Wei Law Library website under Law E-book Guide section.

Lexis HK provides free text search function and field search function of the ebooks under Commentary tab or Source Directory or Practice Areas tab. It also provides browsing function by clicking Browse selected button.

To find out how to find commentaries on Lexis HK with step-by-step instructions, please go to:

For other ebook guides, please go to:

Law ebook Guides mainpage

Lexis HK ebook guide

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

北大法寶 Database Guide

北大法寶 is one of the most comprehensive bilingual databases for searching PRC laws and regulations (since 1949), cases, journal articles, and gazettes.

A guide for 北大法寶 has been newly created to assist our CUHK users in accessing the database.

Other CUHK library subscriptions such as Westlaw China and Lexis China in Lexis HK platform are also available for searching PRC legal materials. 

A Brief Comparison of Major Chinese Law Databases has been created on our Law Database Guides on the Lee Quo Wei Law Library website. 

To access the database guide of 北大法寶, please go to:

北大法寶 Database Guide
Chinese Law Database Comparison Guide