Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Fourth Issue of the Law Library Newsletter

The fourth issue of the Lee Quo Wei Law Library Newsletter is out. This Newsletter aims to inform teaching and research staff and students of developments at the Law Library and new resources and websites that the Library has either subscribed to or added to the various Selected Internet Resources pages that we maintain on the Law Library webpage.

The table of contents of the fourth issue of the Lee Quo Wei Law Library Newsletter: 

  • Important Changes on Westlaw Platforms
  • Practical Skills Guide
  • Course Guides for Term 2
  • HKALL Services
  • Database Training Sessions
  • ProView Ebooks
  • Latest Law Blog Entries and New Additions List for Law
The Newsletter is available on the right of Lee Quo Wei Law Library webpage under “Resources”.

The Fourth Issue of the Lee Quo Wei Law Library Newsletter

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Important Changes on Westlaw HK and Westlaw International

Westlaw HK and Westlaw International have been officially replaced by Westlaw Asia and WestlawNext respectively since December 31st, 2015.

CUHK users can now access wider content on Asian jurisdictions (e.g. Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and India etc), and continue to use the same UK resources from Westlaw HK on Westlaw Asia. U.S. and EU legal materials from Westlaw International are migrated to WestlawNext.

CUHK users can access Westlaw Asia and WestlawNext from E-Resources by Law on CUHK Library Catalogue or from the Law Database List link on the Law Library’s website. CUHK users can also access WestlawNext directly on Westlaw Asia. Please find screenshots for reference.

Click "Westlaw Next" link to access U.S., EU and other materials from Westlaw Asia
The look of the page after clicking the "Westlaw Next" link

Click on "E-Resources" tab and select Law to access law-related databases

The page of the law-related databases

Click on "Law Database List" link to access the law-related databases from the Law Library website