Tuesday, 30 April 2013

LexisHK Database Guide

The Lee Quo Wei Law Library has recently updated the LexisHK Database Guide. Lexis is one of the major legal databases and it has migrated to the new platform called LexisHK. LexisHK is the new interface for Lexis Hong Kong and Lexis international materials. It contains cases, legislation, commentaries, journals & news from HK, US, UK, PRC and other jurisdictions. The new interface allows us to access all subscribed contents (except Lexis CN ) via one single platform.
The Library has updated the LexisHK Database Guide to reflect the new changes of LexisHK.  This database guide serves as a quick start guide of the database LexisHK to show how to use Quick Search, Content Specific Search and My Bookshelf to find Hong Kong, UK and international legal materials. It also indicates the link to Lexis CN for searching Mainland China (PRC) legal materials. At the end of the database guide, we have provided the list of frequently used Terms and Connectors which would help you to retrieve relevant results among different sources of materials in LexisHK.
The LexisHK Database Guide is accessible on the Lee Quo Wei Law Library website:

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Video Resources of the 107th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law (ASIL)

The website of the American Society of International Law (ASIL) provides a variety of publications and resources on International law. Its Annual Meeting "International Law in a Multipolar World"  took place in 3-6 April 2013 in Washington, D.C.,  the United States. Twelve videos of select events of this Annual Meeting are available on its website (http://www.asil.org/video-resources.cfm)

Twelve Videos of the 107th Annual Meeting of the ASIL: International Law in a Multipolar World
·         Opening Plenary: President's Address: ASIL Today
·         Bond v. United States: the Chemical Weapons Convention, Federalism and the Treaty Power
·         Remote Warfare: the Moral and Legal Challenges of Targeted Killings in a Multipolar World
·         WILIG Luncheon: International Law and the Future of Peace
·         Retrospective on International Law in the First Obama Administration
·         The EU as a Global Actor in a Multipolar World
·         The Hudson Medal Luncheon: A Discussion with the 2013 Hudson Medal Winner
·         Evolution of Economic Sanctions: Where Do We Stand with Financial Sanctions?
·         Inaugural Charles N. Brower Lecture
·         Twenty Years of International Criminal Law: From the ICTY to the ICC and Beyond
·         The American Approach to Treaties
·          Closing Plenary: Global Governance, State Sovereignty, and the Future of International Law

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Law Library Webpage Update

The Library has added the following resources to the People’s Republic of China under the Selected Internet Resources
 The English translation of selected PRC laws and regulations from 1949 to 2007. In English.

This is a collaborative translation project which allows users to translate small pieces of legal texts between Chinese and English.

China law resources, information, and news for the academic community.  In English
A Chinese legal research guide maintained by Prof. Donald Clarke at the George    Washington University Law School. In English

AsianLII – Laws of the People’s Republic of China

China Law Translate

Friday, 12 April 2013

A Brief Comparison of Major Chinese Law Databases

The Lee Quo Wei Law Library has recently created a new guide on brief comparison of major Chinese law databases which the library has subscribed to. The guide compares various Chinese law databases from several aspects:  Language, Scope & Major Content, Features, Major Strengths and Current Awareness Services. It aims to assist research process of Chinese legal research.
The guide is accessible at the Law Library website under Database Guides and Legal Information Guides.

The major databases listed in the guide include:
·         Chinalawinfo.com (the Chinese version) & LawInfoChina.com (the English version)
·         Westlaw China
·         Lexis CN
·         Lawyee.net
·         IntelliConnect
·         China Journal Net
·         InfoBank
·         Taiwan Law Database
·         WanFang Data.Chinese Dissertations Database. Law
·         China Arbitration Database
·         China Law Express Online
These databases are accessible from the Law Databases List on the Library website.