Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Access to i-law resumes normal

Access to i-law was temporarily suspended in the last quarter of 2011. I would like to let you know that access to i-law resumes normal. The major publications in i-law are listed below.

To access full-text materials in i-law,  please enter your CUHK email address to login. Only a CUHK email account is accepted for login. To comply with the license terms,  please do not  provide access to unauthorized users, such as non-CUHK users.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Subject Guides to Resources for Term Two 2011/12

The library has uploaded "subject guides to resources" for Term Two 2011/12 on its website.  These guides include major resources, textbooks, law reports, journals etc., on these subjects to assist your legal research for these. The print copies are available at the Law Library and the Legal Resources Centre. You can access the soft copy under Subject Guides - 2011/12 Term 2 of the Law Library webpage. Please find attached the link here for your easy access.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

ChinaLaw Net (國家法規數據庫) - Service Suspension

Please be informed that  the Chinese legal database ChinaLaw Net (國家法規數據庫) had problem with their server so the access to this database has been suspended. It may take a period of time (probably a couple of months or longer) for them to fix the problem. We will let you know when the access to this database resumes normal. 

The ChinaLaw Net  (國家法規數據庫) consists of PRC laws and regulations and interpretation of laws since 1949, cases and contract precedents, etc. Please use other Chinese legal databases such as ChinaLawInfo.com, Lexis PRC or Westlaw China for Chinese legal research in the meantime. Please access these databases from the Library’s Law Databases List http://lib.cuhk.edu.hk/Common/DataForm/DataForm.jsp?DFid=9&SubjectId=31&Charset=iso-8859-1

iSinolaw Joins Forces with Westlaw China

Please be informed that iSinolaw will merge with Westlaw China soon. The current iSinolaw service will be discontinued from February 14, 2012 and will be replaced by Westlaw China. The library has subscription of Westlaw China and we will delete the link to iSinolaw from the Library catalogue  from February 14, 2011 on.