Monday, 17 August 2015

Hong Kong Annotated Legislation now available on Westlaw Asia

Hong Kong Annotated Legislation is now available in the Commentary Library of Westlaw Asia. The annotation is authoritative because it is interpreted by either legislators who wrote it or by the court. Each annotation is well organized: 1). annotations are arranged by commentary document and a table of contents, 2). cap numbers are linked directly to the full text of the legislation in force, 3). law is shaded in a grey box followed by related commentary, and 4). hyperlinks to other provisions, ordinances or subsidiary legislation are included for easy reference. 

For a full list of Hong Kong Annotated Legislation, please go to:

Monday, 10 August 2015

HeinOnline's Enhanced Interface is Coming!

HeinOnline has updated its interface; new features aim to provide clean display for streamlining research process.  

The key features include:

  1. The enhance interface will be adjustable to size of tablets, smartphones and computers
  2. Stationary search bar will be available on all pages; search options are recorded based on usage
  3. Journal and report collections can be chosen by category and name; category options are expandable and collapsible as needed
  4. Color PDFs of articles will be used if available and can be multi-page viewed up to eight pages
  5. A new home button will be added  

    HeinOnline Enhanced Interface
    New features of HeinOnline's Enhanced Interface