Monday, 12 October 2015

Lexis HK and Westlaw Asia Research Videos on YouTube

Lexis HK and Westlaw Asia have created some videos on YouTube to show users how to use their databases. 

Each video is short and yet focused on one search feature at one time. They are good self-help resources especially if you have not been able to attend previous database training sessions.

To review the videos, please click:

                  -  Lexis HK

                  -  Westlaw Asia

Lexis HK on YouTube
Westlaw Asia on YouTube

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Westlaw Next on Westlaw Asia

Westlaw has launched a new interface called Westlaw Asia (replacing Westlaw HK). It is a single platform for searching Asian legal materials across multiple countries within a single search. It is an ideal tool for comparative law research, and a significant time saver.

The Westlaw HK and Westlaw Asia will run parallel for a short while until every resource has been migrated to Westlaw Asia.

On Westlaw Asia platform, CUHK users can access Westlaw Next (formerly called Westlaw International) by clicking the link “Jurisdiction” on the top right and then click on the “Westlaw Next” link on the tab bar on the right (please see screenshots below). 

Click on "Jurisdiction" and then "Westlaw Next"

Westlaw Next page on Westlaw Asia

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Free Access to OUP Resources on Refugee Law

In response to the refugee crisis in Europe, Oxford University Press has created a collection of more than 30 book chapters, journal articles, and online content from websites that are freely accessible to help those working with refugees and anyone who wants to know more about rights and obligations concerning refugees. The materials are structured around four key questions: 1) who is a refugee, 2) what rights do they have, 3) what are transit states’ obligations, and 4) what are the duties of the state where a refugee applies for asylum. Other useful resources are followed after the above questions.

Free Access to OUP Resources on Refugee Law