Thursday, 31 January 2013

Archbold Hong Kong is available online in Westlaw HK

The Library has set up the subscription to the electronic version of Archbold Hong Kong : Criminal Law, Pleadings, Evidence and Practice and it is now available online in Westlaw HK.   Archbold Hong Kong is a comprehensive work on criminal practice of Hong Kong.  It contains local reference for criminal law which covers substantive offences, pleadings, sentencing, procedure, and evidence.
You can access to Westlaw HK from the Law Database List: .
Please access Archbold Hong Kong under Commentary Tab in Westlaw HK.
The print copies of Archbold Hong Kong are available both in the Lee Quo Wei Law Library and the Legal Resources Centre.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Law Library Webpage Update

The Library has updated the following guides on the Lee Quo Wei Law Library webpage
The Law Reports and Legislation Index is a list of major law reports, legislation and international law materials which are currently held in the Lee Quo Wei Law Library. It provides title information, library holdings, the links to library records and links to online access.
New and Updated Content to this Index:
·         Canadian Criminal Cases
·         Dominion Law Reports
·         Links to online access of various law reports are updated

Investment Arbitration Reporter (IA Reporter)

The library has newly subscribed to the database Investment Arbitration Reporter which contains news, commentary and cases on international arbitration.
News and analysis on international arbitration between foreign investors and their host governments are under the “News and Analysis” section, investment arbitration awards and documents are available under “Document Downloads” section.

You can access Investment Arbitration Reporter at the Law Database List

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

History of International Law

The library has newly subscribed to the database History of International Law. This database is a collection of books, serials on international law.

It Includes more than 800 titles and 600,000 pages dating back to 1690 on International Law subjects such as War & Peace, the Nuremberg Trials, Law of the Sea, International Arbitration, Hague Conferences and Conventions.

You can access History of International Law at the Law Database List

Monday, 21 January 2013

Westlaw HK Enhancement -- Law Reports browsing by Publication Date and Volume

This new enhancement allows users to browse by the publication date and volume in line with the printed product where previously users could only browse by judgment date.

How does this enhancement work in Westlaw HK?

Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest

New 'Browse' option for 'By Publication Date and Volume'

Friday, 18 January 2013

Subject Guides to Resources for Term Two 2012/13

The library has uploaded "subject guides to resources" for Term Two 2012/13 on its website. These guides include major resources, textbooks, law reports, journals etc., on these subjects to assist your legal research for these. The print copies are available at the Law Library and the Legal Resources Centre. You can access the soft copy under Subject Guides - 2012/13 Term 2 of the Law Library webpage. Please find attached the link here for your easy access.