Monday, 29 December 2014

ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin

The ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin will change its title name to ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin from 2015 onwards. The ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin contains two issues per year and the first two issues will be published in June and December 2015. The content will include:

  • ICC procedures
  • Over 100 pages of awards per issue
  • Procedural orders in every issue
  • Expert commentaries on ICC practice and procedure
The online access to the ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin/ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin is available in ICC Dispute Resolution Library under Bulletins tab. The ICC Dispute Resolution Library is accessible at the Law Database List

Friday, 19 December 2014

CUHK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection Launched

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library is happy to announce the launch of CUHK Electronic Theses and Dissertation Collection ( It holds more than 9,000 volumes of the full text in both English and Chinese of research degree’s theses and doctoral dissertations submitted by postgraduates of CUHK since 1967. Searchable PDFs for the body text, abstract and table of contents are provided.

The Collection is jointly developed by the CUHK Library and the Graduate School, with strong funding support from the University. An open access policy is maintained for this Collection in order to showcase the academic excellence of the University and to further promote the University’s research; only a handful is partially accessible according to the author's wishes. Its use is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivaties 4.0 International License

The core of the Collection is formed from the conversion of the print copies of theses and dissertations submitted to the Graduate School before 2012. We will continuously add new titles received after 2012. The Collection is also accessible from Library catalogue and discoverable in Easy Search. You are welcome to use the Collection now.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

International Society for Chinese Law & History 中國法律與歷史國際學會

The Lee Quo Wei Law Library will add the following resource to the People’s Republic of China webpage under the Selected Internet Resources.
International Society for Chinese Law & History 中國法律與歷史國際學會 (
The International Society for Chinese Law and History (ISCLH) was formed on January 1, 2014, after several years of consultation and careful preparation. The Society has been established to promote more regular exchanges of ideas and fruitful collaboration among all scholars across the world who are interested in better understanding Chinese law and society from historical and comparative perspectives. They plan to organize a series of workshops, international conferences, and publication projects on a regular basis. The Society has grown rapidly and the registered members now include almost ninety researchers from more than ten different countries in multiple continents. If you are interested in joining the ISCLH, please visit the Membership page or contact the ISCLH Secretary or President (listed on the Governance page). Looking forward to your participation and support!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong 2nd Edition – 2014 Update

The Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong is the multi-volume legal encyclopedia which provides statements on Hong Kong law together with cited authorities such as cases and relevant legislation. It is  arranged in broad subject order. The print version updates by re-issue of main volumes and a loose-leaf current service. It has a subject and legislation index volume and cases index volumes. The Second Edition has been publishing since 2011.  The volumes which have been updated in 2014 are listed below.

The Law Library has both the print version and electronic version of the First and Second Edition of the Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong. (Library Holdings:
The electronic version of the Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong is available on Lexis HK

The volumes which have been updated in 2014:
v. 1 (2014) [10] Administrative Law
v. 5 (2014) [50] Betting, Gaming and Lotteries, [55] Bills of Exchange and Other Negotiable Instruments,                [60] Bribery, Corruption and Organized Crime
v. 22 (2014) [133] Discrimination
v. 23 (2014) [135] Education,  [140] Elections
v. 26 (2014) [165] Equity, [170] Estoppel
v. 31 (2014) [205] Health and Safety, [215] Immigration
v. 32 (2014) [220] Insurance
v. 33 (2014) [225] Intellectual Property: Passing Off, Registered Designs and Patents,
v. 34 (2014) [225] Intellectual Property: Trade Marks, Copyright and Plant Varieties Rights
v. 36 (2014) [235] Landlord and Tenant, [238]  Legal Aid
v. 42 (2014) [285] New Territories, [290] Partnerships and Joint Ventures, [295] Personal Property, [300] Police and Emergency Services, [305] Privacy
v. 43 (2014) [315] Professions and Trades, [320] Public Health and Municipal Services
v. 50 (2014) [400] Trusts, [410] Voluntary Associations

Monday, 1 December 2014

Family Law Online

The library has recently set up the subscription to the publications Family Law  and International Survey of Family Law  in the database Family Law Online by Jordans Publishing.

  • Under “Family Law Journal” on the left panel – the full text of the UK  journal Family Law from 1999 to 2014. Family Law contains case summaries, articles, legislative update and news related to family law.
  • Under “Books Online” on the left panel – the full text of International Survey of Family Law from 2008 to 2014. The International Survey of Family Law is published annually by the International Society of Family Law on the developments in family law across the world.