Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lexis China Employment Module Revamp

The Employment Module of Lexis China has made some adjustments on content structure and content types.

1.        新的索引目录 按人力资源管理流程和劳动法实际问题设置索引目录,三级结构清晰明了。
New index tree - is designed base on HR management workflow and employment law subjects. The 3-hieracy structure will offer users a more convenient content browsing experience

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Subject Guides for Resources for Summer Term 2010/11

The library has uploaded "subject guides to resources" for Summer Term 2010/11 on its website.  These guides include major resources, textbooks, law reports, journals etc., on these subjects to assist your legal research for these. You may access the soft copy under Subject Guides- 2010/11 Term S  of the Law Library webpage. Please find attached the link here for your easy access.