Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lexis China Employment Module Revamp

The Employment Module of Lexis China has made some adjustments on content structure and content types.

1.        新的索引目录 按人力资源管理流程和劳动法实际问题设置索引目录,三级结构清晰明了。
New index tree - is designed base on HR management workflow and employment law subjects. The 3-hieracy structure will offer users a more convenient content browsing experience

2.        新的概览内容 我们将原有的法条链接内容改变为概览,由专业律师对每一个主题内的相关法律规定、政策进行整理、分析,针对实践中经常发生争议问题的或人力资源经理、法律顾问所关注的问题做了详细阐述,使用户快速了解相关法律规定和操作重点。
New “overview” content – we replaced previous “law clauses” with “overview”, which is commentaries written by seasoned lawyers. With plain and straightforward writing style, the authors clarify laws and regulations for each legal issue, and provide users the step-by-step guides for practice.

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