Friday, 25 April 2014

Kluwer Law Online New Platform

Kluwer Law Online is a database of Kluwer’s law journals and looseleaf services in the IEL series (International Encyclopaedia of Laws) under “Manuals” tab. This IEL series of 25 subject areas includes Civil Procedure, Commercial and Economic Law, Competition Law,Constitutional law, Contract law, Corporations and Partnerships, Criminal Law, Cyberlaw, Energy Law, Environmental Law, Family and Succession Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, Intergovernmental Organisations, Labour Law, Media Law, Medical Law, Migration Law, Private International Law, Property and Trust Law, Religion Law, Social Security Law, Sports Law, Tort Law and Transport Law.

Kluwer Law Online has recently upgraded to a new platform with a redesigned look and additional search functions. It offers a new search tool to search across all content in the Kluwer Law Online.  The search results can be refined by Journals only, Manuals only or within a specific title.

It also offers browsing function under “Browse Topics” tab to browse journals and manuals in the Kluwer Law Online by different areas of law.  12 areas of law include Air& Space Law, Arbitration/Litigation, Corporate/Commercial, Comparative Law, Competition Law, Environmental/Energy Law, European Community Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade Law, Labour Law/Social Security, Transportation Law and Taxation.

You can access the Kluwer Law Online at the Law Database List:

Thursday, 17 April 2014

JustCite Database Guide Update

JustCite is a multi-source legal search engine and citator service for UK and EU legal information and case law. It includes extensive links to full-text material on leading online services, including BAILII, Justis, LexisNexis, WestLaw and more.

JustCite provides quick search and advanced search for different material types: Cases, Legislation, EU Materials, Articles & Journals and Barristers & Chambers.

The updated JustCite Database Guide is available at the Law Library webpages under Database Guides.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hong Kong Student Law Gazette Spring 2014 Issue 4

The print copies of the latest Issue (Spring 2014 Issue 4) of Hong Kong Student Law Gazette  (HKSLG)  are available in the Lee Quo Wei Law Library and the Legal Resources Centre. The link to the library record is attached:

The electronic version of the Hong Kong Student Law Gazette is available on its website (

The Gazette is published twice each academic year by the student society Hong Kong Student Law Gazette of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. It is Hong Kong's leading law student publication.  It aims to encourage students to engage in key legal issues, contribute to legal scholarship, and build closer ties between law students and the wider legal community.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hong Kong Basic Law Portal

The Lee Quo Wei Law Library has added the following resource to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region webpage under the Selected Internet Resources.

Hong Kong Basic Law Portal – The University of Toronto Libraries


The Hong Kong Basic Law Portal at the University of Toronto Libraries serves as an online gateway to Basic Law research materials from major institutions around the world.