Friday, 19 November 2010

Enhancements on

New Case Search Screens

Access the case only search via the main homepage, practice area homepages or for a more advanced case search the “case” link next to the quick search bar:
We believe our new advanced search screens will make searching in i-law simpler and more intuitive.
Improved “Phrase Searching”

We have improved this functionality to find an exact phrase place quotation marks around your search terms.

Improved labelling of cited material

Now when in a document you can view the print publication details, case cross references and other materials (e.g. books) will be referenced under “Also Cited”.

New Advanced Search and Advanced Case Search Screens

Print button removed from Law Reports only
When using the ‘print’ button on law reports that have appeared in the bound volume the formatting would be inconsistent, making this inadmissible in court bundles. To avoid confusion we have removed the print button, and the PDF should be opened to print a copy with exact pagination.

Save PDF with Article Name
When downloading and saving PDFs from i-law these were previously titled ‘document 1’ when saving. To improve ease of use – PDFs will now automatically be saved as the document title (e.g. the case name for a law report)

Document Counter Added to Search Results
Increased Search Alerts Limit
To allow more flexibility the number of search alerts has been increased from 5 to 20 per individual.

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