Tuesday, 15 March 2011

i-law.com : setting up alerts

Please find attached the guides to set up alerts in i-law.com and the links to the i-law.com sites the Library has.

Maritime Law package
Construction Law package

Hints & Tips
Dear Colleague,
Did you know that using i-law.com you can set up and modify alerts which notify you each time a topic you are interested in has been updated or when the latest issue of a publication has been added?
Firstly log into your account.

Setting up Search Alerts

You can set up a search alert from any screen on i-law to notify you when new content relevant to you is added.
1.       Click on "My Search Alerts" in the top toolbar, then click "Create new alerts"
2.       Simply give your alert a meaningful, memorable name.
3.       Enter your chosen topic, case, person etc. that you wish to receive alerts for.
4.       If you wish, narrow your alert to a particular sector using the drop down menu.
5.       Click "Save" or "Run" to run the alert straight away.

Setting up Publication Alerts

You can set up publication alerts to inform you when new content is added to your chosen publication.
1.       Click on "My Publication Alerts" in the top toolbar.
2.       Check the boxes for any publication/s you wish to receive alerts for. Click "Update".

If you require any additional information or would like to arrange for some training please don't hesitate to email contact@i-law.com or call +44 (0) 20 7017 5540 and one of the team will be happy to assist you.
You can also visit our online user guide at any time by clicking here.
Kind regards,
The team at i-law.com

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