Thursday, 1 September 2011

4 New Practice Areas in launches four new practice areas, i.e. Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Land and Conveyancing and Litigation, today 1st September 2011. You can access them under Hong Kong tab in You can search the selected sources or browse a source in each practice area. The print copies of the publications in these 4 practice areas are available in the Lee Quo Wei Law Library.

List of Publications in Each Practice Areas:
Commercial Law: Contains Hong Kong Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, Hong Kong Corporate Law, Business Law in Hong Kong, Company Law Handbook, Contract Law Handbook, Partnership Handbook    

Criminal Law and Procedure: Contains Criminal Evidence in Hong Kong, Criminal Procedure: Trial on Indictment, Sentencing in Hong Kong, Bribery and Corruption Law in Hong KongCriminal Law Handbook, Criminal Procedure Handbook     

Land and Conveyancing: Contains Hong Kong Conveyancing, Land Law in Hong Kong, Land Compensation and Valuation Law in Hong Kong, Building Management in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tenancy Law, Conveyancing and Property Law Handbook      

Litigation: Contains Atkin's Court Forms Hong Kong, Hong Kong Civil Court Practice, A Guide to Civil Procedure in Hong Kong, Advocacy and the Litigation Process in Hong Kong , Enforcing Judgments in Hong Kong, Judicial Review in Hong Kong, Evidence Law Handbook, High Court Handbook, Statutory Interpretation Handbook      

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