Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Chinese Legal Knowledge Integrated Database (中國法律知識資源總庫)

The library has newly subscribed to the database Chinese Legal Knowledge Integrated Database (中國法律知識資源總庫).  Chinese Legal Knowledge Integrated Database is a database of Chinese legislation, treaties, court judgments, journals and dissertations. It consists of three sub-databases which are Laws and Regulations Database, Court Cases Database, and Journals and Dissertations Database. It also provides cross searching function to search all these three sub-databases in one search. Materials and search interface are in  Chinese.
The coverage of the three sub-databases:
  • Laws and Regulations Database includes PRC national and local laws and regulations since 1949. It also contains Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan laws and regulations and international treaties.
  • Court Cases Database includes PRC cases since 1979
  • Journals and Dissertations Database includes 128 law journals, as well as dissertations, conference papers and newspapers since 1979
You can access Chinese Legal Knowledge Integrated Database at the Law Database List


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