Monday, 9 September 2013

China Law Reference Service has been discontinued

The publication China Law Reference Service has been discontinued. They have developed a new platform called China Law & Reference.  
The Library has access to the following looseleaf titles under Commentary Tab
English Titles:
·        China Anti-Monopoly Law Guide
·        China Tax Planning Guide
·        China Labour & Social Security Law – Essential Facts Explained
Chinese Titles:
·         中国劳动法暨社会保障法规重要问题释疑
·         中国税务合规实务指南流转税
  • 中国公司法实务指南外商投资企业的设立与解散
  • 中国公司法实务指南破产与清算
  • 中国公司法实务指南公司的设立与解散
  • 中国公司法实务指南公司治理
  • 中国外汇管理实务指南
You can access China Law & Reference at the Law Database List

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