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The Unexpected Consequences of Magna Carta: 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta

Magna Carta (Latin: "the Great Charter") also called Magna Carta Libertatum (Latin: "the Great Charter of the Liberties"), is a charter agreed by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, England on 15 June 1215.

This year marks the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta and its influence.

The Law Library in conjunction with the Faculty has selected a number of books the library holds on the Magna Carta and its significance. These books are on display in the Lee Quo Wei Law Library and the Legal Resources Centre in rotation until 13 April 2015. Please feel free to have a look of these books at the Lee Quo Wei Law Library and the Legal Resources Centre.

You may also refer to the electronic resources on the  Magna Carta on the CUHK Library website:

Lee Quo Wei Law Library

Legal Resources Centre

A Selection of books the library holds on the Magna Carta and its significance:

Arlidge, Anthony Magna Carta Uncovered Oxford,
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 2014
Call No. : KD3946.A75 2014

Baker, John H. The Oxford History of the Laws of
England Oxford; New York, Oxford University
Press 2004
Call No. : KD532.O94 2004 v.2

Banaszak, Ronald A. Fair Trial Rights of the Accused :
A Documentary History Westport, Conn., Greenwood
Press 2002
Call No. : KF9223.4.F35 2002

Barnes, Thomas Garden and Boyer, Allen D. Shaping the Common
Law : From Glanvill to Hale, 1188-1688 Stanford, Calif., Stanford
Law Books 2008
Call No. : K588.B37 2008

Breay, Claire Magna Carta :Manuscripts and Myths
London, British Library 2002
Call No. : KD3946.B72 2002

Holland, Randy J. and Library of Congress Magna
Carta :Muse & Mentor Thomson Reuters, in
association with the Library of  Congress 2014
Call No. : KD3946.M346 2014)

Holt, James Clarke Magna Carta and the Idea of Liberty
New York, Wiley 1972
Call No. : JN147.H643

Holt, James Clarke 大宪章, 2 = Magna Carta
(1) 北京, 北京大学出版社 2010
Call No. : JN147.H6412 2010

Hostettler, John Champions of the Rule of Law Hook, Hampshire,
Waterside Press 2011
Call No. : KD3995.H67 2011)

Hudson, John The Formation of the English Common Law : Law and Society in England from the Norman Conquest to Magna  Carta London; New York, Longman 1996
Call No. : KD671.H83 1996

Jurasinski, Stefan et al English Law before Magna Carta : Felix Liebermann and Die Gesetze Der Angelsachsen Leiden, The Netherlands; Boston, Brill 2010
Call No. : KD554.E54 2010

  Lyon, Ann Constitutional History of the UK London;
  Portland, Or., Cavendish Pub. 2003
  Call No. : KD3934.L96 2003

  Magraw, Daniel Barstow et al Magna Carta and the
  Rule of Law Chicago, American Bar Association 2014
  Call No. : KD3946.M33 2014

May, Larry Global Justice and due Process Cambridge; New York,
Cambridge University Press 2011
Call No. : K3251.M39 2011

McManus, Edgar J. and Helfman, Tara Liberty and Union : A Constitutional History of the United States New York, Routledge 2014
Call No. : KF4541.M39 2014

Musson, Anthony Medieval Law in Context :The Growth of Legal Consciousness from Magna Carta to the Peasants' Revolt Manchester, UK; New York, Manchester University Press 2001
Call No. : KD6857.M87 2001

Musson, Anthony and Stebbings, Chantal Making Legal History : Approaches and Methodology Cambridge; New York, Cambridge University Press 2012
Call No. : K140.M45 2012

Richardson, H. G. and Sayles, G. O. Law and Legislation from Aethelberht
to Magna Carta Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press 1966
Call No. : KD532.R52

Sandoz, Ellis The Roots of Liberty :Magna Carta, Ancient Constitution,
and the Anglo-American Tradition of Rule of Law Columbia, University
of Missouri Press 1993
Call No. : KD3995.R66

Turner, Ralph V. Magna Carta :Through the Ages
Harlow, Longman 2003
Call No. : KD3946.T77 2003

Urofsky, Melvin I. and Finkelman, Paul A March of
Liberty :A Constitutional History of the United States (3rd ed) New York, Oxford University Press 2011
Call No. : KF4541.U76 2011

van Kempen, P. H. P. H. M. C. International and Regional
Human Rights Documents (3 rev ed) Nijmegen, The Netherlands,
Wolf Legal Publishers 2010
Call No. : K3238.I5663 2010

    Venter, Christine Mary International Women's
     Rights, Equality, and Justice :A Context and
     Practice Casebook Durham, North Carolina,
     Carolina Academic Press 2012
     Call No. : K644.V46 2012

     Vincent, Nicholas Magna Carta :A very Short
     Introduction (First ed) Oxford, United Kingdom,
     Oxford University Press 2012
     Call No. : KD3946.V56 2012

徐震宇 自由的缔造者 :无地王约翰, 反叛贵族与大宪章的诞生 = the
Founders of Freedom Under Law : King John Lackland, Rebellious Barons
and the Birth of Magna Carta (1) 北京, 中国法制出版社 2009
Call No. : DA208.X8 2009

齐延平 自由大宪章研究 (1) 北京, 中国政法大学出版社 2007
Call No. : KD3946.Q54 2007

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