Saturday, 6 June 2015

New Resource on Kluwer Competition Law Online – Chinese Competition Decision Summaries

The database Kluwer Competition Law Online is an online resource for EU and international competition law including books and journals.  It has recently added a new category Chinese Competition Decision Summaries to its database.

Chinese Competition Decision Summaries is a collection of English summaries of all published decisions from Chinese competition regulatory bodies and courts since the Anti-Monopoly Law of the PRC has implemented in 2008. These summaries are edited by the Centre for Competition Law and Policy of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 

There are around sixty summaries in the collection at the moment. Each summary consists of
  • Case History
  • Facts
  • Procedures
  • Competition Assessment
  • Decision
  • Commentary, Link to original decision of judgment (in Chinese)
You can access Kluwer Competition Law Online at the Law Database List 

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