Monday, 15 August 2016

Wolters Kluwer / CCH PrimeLaw

The Law Library has recently subscribed to Wolters Kluwer / CCH PrimeLaw, a legal database combining legislation, case law, commentary and journal searching. PrimeLaw includes 60 ebook titles, more than 9,500 reported cases (Hong Kong and UK) and consists of the most comprehensive Hong Kong company law cases.

The key features of PrimeLaw are as follows:

- Contains ordinances and subsidiary legislation of Hong Kong, and legislation of PRC.
- Legislative changes are updated weekly.

- Hong Kong Company Law Cases (HKCLC) – largest collection of reported Company
- Law cases of Hong Kong (with headnotes).
- Covers the Hong Kong court decisions from 1877 to present.
- 238 cases decided by the UK Privy Council can be found.
- Cases are updated twice every day.
- 0ver 100,000 UK court judgments across different topics.

- More than 60 titles covering a broad range of topics.

- Highly popular journal on negotiation, Tan Pan, is now online.
- Other journals include: China Tax Intelligence and China STAFF.

- Covers legal and tax updates and developments in HK and China.

- Up-to-date news on law and enforcement is delivered timely.

Users can type in titles or keywords directly on the Search box on the Home page OR go directly to each tab to search for specific materials.

CUHK users can access PrimeLaw through A-Z Databases list by Law

Access PrimeLaw through A-Z Databases List by Law

PrimeLaw Homepage

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