Monday, 3 July 2017

Library New Resource: 中國司法檔案資料庫(江津卷)

The Library has recently acquired 中國司法檔案資料庫(江津卷)

Coverage (涵蓋)1911 - 1949
該庫收錄了江津區檔案館所藏民國時期的訴訟檔案。目前,江津區檔案館共收藏有19111949年間各類司法檔案超過24000 (包括婚姻、買賣、債務、租佃、邊界、税收、財產、盜竊、妨害行使權利、妨害家庭等檔案)

This database contains judicial records from the Jiangjin District Archives during the period of the Republic of China. At present, the Jiangjin District Archives has a collection of various types of judicial records and cases from 1911-1949, totaling more than 24000 volumes (including marriage, sale, debt, tenancy, border control, tax, property, theft, obstruction of the right to exercise and family matters etc).

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